Mandarin class discounts for SDGA life-time members

(Left to right) Norman Prima (Exco, SDGA), Gary Ningkan (President, SDGA), Daren Lau (CEO, Advantage Learning Academy), Dr Florianna Lendai (Vice President, SDGA).

KUCHING, July 20:  Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) together with Advantage Learning Academy recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to give special discounts to SDGA life-time members for Mandarin language class at the academy.

In line with Sarawak’s aspirations to be a major trading player internationally, and China’s growing stature at the forefront of the trading world, SDGA feels there is a need to encourage its members to pick up Mandarin to open more doors to greater opportunities in the business world. 

“This is also one of the initiatives by SDGA and Advantage Learning Academy to assist and provide solution to unemployment among young Sarawakians, especially the Dayak community.

“Both parties are of the opinion that by equipping themselves with learning Mandarin, it gives young Sarawakians an advantage in their pursuit of jobs and new opportunities,” said SDGA president Gary Ningkan in a press statement today.

Advantage Learning Academy offers eight free lessons, followed by a discounted price of RM40 per lesson (normal price RM80) thereafter.  The academy will issue certificates after completion of each level. There are six levels, and upon completion will qualify the take up IGCSE for Mandarin. 

For more information, please contact SDGA via email at, and Advantage Learning Academy at

“In sourcing for more partnerships and benefits for its life-time members, SDGA has also struck a partnership with BP Healthcare which currently has five stores in Sarawak (two in Kuching and one each in Sibu, Bintulu, Miri). 

“SDGA life-time members can now enjoy special rates for services at BP Healthcare. A Basic Health Screening package is now RM130 for SDGA life-time members (normal price is RM208). 

“In addition to the BP Healthcare partnership, SDGA has also partnered with Advanx Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company that provides DNA testing and comprehensive insights into predispositions for health conditions, nutrition traits, fitness traits and inner potentials.”

To those who wish to get themselves tested, a saliva collection kit will be sent to them, where they will deposit their saliva into the provided test tube, and send the kit back to Advanx Health. 

Advanx Health will then produce and send a report detailing up to 40 comprehensive insights into your predispositions for health risks, nutrition traits, fitness traits as well as other inner potentials. 

“SDGA life-time members can now enjoy a special price of RM699 for its DNA Explorer Package,” said Gary.

He said SDGA is also in the midst of drafting other benefits for its members namely bereavement benefit and conference allowance or assistance. Please visit SDGA’s website at and its facebook page for updates.

SDGA aspires to be a progressive civil society organisation that looks after its members, first and foremost, by providing various membership benefits. We hope that through these benefits, we can attract more young Dayaks to register themselves as members.— DayakDaily