Lubok Antu MP proposes construction of inland port to boost economic growth in district

Roy Angau Gingkoi

KUCHING, March 21: The government has been urged to construct an inland port in Lubok Antu to boost economic growth in the district.

According to a TVS news report, Lubok Antu MP Roy Angau Gingkoi stated that if the project is implemented, it will be able to play a significant role because of its strategic location near Kalimantan, Indonesia.

“As the administrative centre of the district, the area has the potential to develop an inland port,” he said today at the Dewan Rakyat.

Meanwhile, he expressed hope that the Ministry of Public Works (KKR) will improve land connectivity involving federal roads, such as the Pan Borneo Highway (LPB) in alignment with rural roads in Sarawak.

Roy explained that this is due to the LPB project’s large RM20 billion budget.

“In this regard, I’d like to know if the Ministry of Public Works intends to construct more multi-level intersections in LPB to facilitate access to nearby towns such as Engkilili and Lubok Antu,” he added.

He explained that the construction of a multi-storey intersection is important because currently road users have to make a long U-turn to enter the two towns.

“At the same time, I hope that the ministry will look into the need to improve pedestrian and motorcyclist safety along the LPB,” he added. — DayakDaily