Look to PH flaws first before pointing fingers, SUPP rep tells Chong

Robert Lau (file pic)

SIBU, March 3: GPS MPs would have supported the Pakatan Harapan government if it had fulfilled its promises in the PH Manifesto by giving 20 per cent oil royalty and 50 per cent income tax collected from Sarawak.

SUPP Bawang Assan chairman, Robert Lau Hui Yew was responding to DAP Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen today, saying these promises were never fulfilled by PH.

“What have you done to deliver on your promise to the people of Sarawak? Your promise of 20 per cent oil royalty and 50 per cent income tax collected from Sarawak be returned to Sarawak? For 22 months, did you work to deliver on these promises?” he questioned Chong.

In a press statement, Lau claimed that the first action taken by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the then Prime Minister was to have Petronas sue the Sarawak Government to declare Sarawak’s Oil Mining Ordinance 1958 which governs the state’s rights over oil in Sarawak, invalid.

“The suit was filed on June 4, 2018, barely one month after winning the historic election. Did you speak up for Sarawak then?” he asked Chong.

Lau said Abang Johari had made it clear that GPS’ support of Muhyiddin over Dr Mahathir was because he deemed it better for the country and in particular, Sarawak, that the Prime Minister be Muhyiddin than Dr Mahathir.

He added that the allegations made by Chong on GPS supporting Pas and Umno to form the federal government “was a classic case of sour grapes riddled with hypocrisy”.

“The fall of the PH government has nothing to do with GPS. It was the result of the power struggle among your colleagues in PH. Why not start the blame there? Why don’t you blame Dr Mahathir who started it all by refusing to honour his promise of handing over power to Anwar in two years’ time?” he asked. —DayakDaily

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