[Letter to the Editor] Incentivise public to comply with SOPs

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Letter to the Editor

By Datuk Bong Ah Loi

The MCO has been enforced for over one month. The fact that the number (of cases) doesn’t go down shows that merely imposing MCO is useless. What is needed is stricter SOP and increased vaccinations.

Merely imposing the MCO will create unnecessary hardship for many people. Take a simple example, coffeeshops in Jalan Song/ BDC. There is no reported case of local transmission. Yet a blanket MCO is imposed for no useful purpose. It also creates fatigue for lots of people so they are careless about SOP.

Certain factories were allowed to open, purportedly because they provide essential service. Clusters happened there because of lack of enforcement of SOP.

If the government merely tell people to stay home, they get bored and careless.

So merely imposing MCO is not helpful, as the past one month showed that it has not been effective to bring down the number (of cases).

Instead, many employers are suffering. They are forced to close even though there is no known cases in their places of work.

What is needed is a change of strategy. Give incentives for people to comply with SOP. — DayakDaily

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