Wency: Catherine’s ring will always remind me of her

Wency comforting her late daughter’s boyfriend Hilary Dius.

BAU, July 27: Catherine Janet Tiwi’s ring, given by her mother as a present, was the only recognisable item left of her when the family identified her remains.

Wency Seimon, 48, was at a total loss for words upon hearing the devastating news on Wednesday (July 25), that her daughter had perished in a fire that completely razed their living quarters at SK Batu Bungan, Mulu. She felt like her world came crashing down.

“I really can’t accept the fact that she is gone. I’m keeping that ring as it’s the only thing that will remind me of her,” she said in between sobs when met at her daughter’s wake at Kampung Skio, Bau.

Wency described Catherine, 25, as a good homemaker, bright but ‘manja’, as she was the only daughter out of four siblings.

“Whenever she’s back from Miri, she would do all the house chores and cook, allowing me to relax. I liked being cared for by my lovely daughter. We were more like sisters rather than mother and daughter. She was also very close to her father and her three brothers,” she said.

Wency hoped that the fire tragedy, which claimed the life of her daughter, should serve as a reminder for the government to look at rural school facilities in Sarawak. Immediate action should be taken to prevent such a tragedy from recurring, she added.

“She had such a promising life ahead of her – she was actually pursuing her masters degree – but what a beautiful life she has had.  She was much loved and she loved us all. My daughter, whom we fondly called Janet, and whom I loved so dearly has been taken away from me. That’s very sad indeed.

“I hope her tragic passing will improve the living conditions of teachers in the rural areas. I hope the passing of my daughter will open the eyes of those in power and authority to do something so that no more lives will end up like this,” Wency said. — DayakDaily