Kutien Memorial Park sad shadow of its former glory

Seen are cracks in the walking path which could pose a hazard to users.

SIBU, Oct 14: Kutien Memorial Park located at Jalan Bukit Lima which was built some 17 years ago is in a sorry state today.

Former president of the Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) Dr Hii Sui Cheng wants Sibu Municipal Council to initiate a rehabilitation plan to restore the park to its former beauty.

“It has lost its former beauty. Built some 17 years ago under a joint collaboration between Sibu Kutien Association and Sibu Municipal Council, the park lacks proper upkeep especially the pond where water lilies (used to) thrive offering a beautiful sight for visitors to the park,” commented Dr Hii.

The water lilies are no longer growing in the pond while there are also cracks on walking tracks.

A man doing breathing exercises in front of the murky pond.

Avid jogger Pang Chui Hua similarly lamented over the poor condition of the park.

“Kutien garden is not in good shape. Why? It’s not that there’s nobody to man or look after the place. It’s just that they put the wrong and lazy people there. People who don’t know how to do their job,” asserted Pang, who also critised the lack of visual presence of security personnel.

He added that park visitors have to pay 20 sen to use the toilet facility there but the stench leaves much to be desired.

This beloved park not only provides an avenue for leisure and recreational activities for the locals, but the association’s history and historical events are memorialised in a special monument in the park, so that all, especially the future generations, would know of them.

A large number of people can be observed jogging and walking around the park daily.

The park is dedicated to the Kutien clansmen for their assistance in the development of the state and country as a whole. — DayakDaily