KPDNHEP issues stern warning against low quality items in hamper baskets

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KUCHING, Feb 4: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer (KPDNHEP) Sarawak is taking initiatives and proactive measures to monitor and conduct inspections on business premises that sell hamper baskets throughout the state to ensure that the quality of the items are worth the prices offered.

KPDNHEP in a press statement today, said the sales and purchases of hamper baskets during festive seasons is a common practice now in particular during Chinese New Year celebrations.

“However, we do not want the vendors, as well as the packagers to take advantage of the situation by including low quality items and selling it at a high price, and normally those who received it would not make any complaint to the ministry because they were gifts,” it said.

The statement disclosed that a “hamper” Sales Guidelines had been issued by the ministry since 1997 in order to standardise the prices for all “hamper” sales.

“The guidelines are also to ensure that there are price tags on the items in the hamper basket, as well as to ensure that the goods contained, especially food items are good in quality, safe to consume and do not consist of fake-items,” it said.

KPDNHEP noted, the basket should also include the list of items packed inside, including the price tag, together with the “packaging” and “handling” cost.

According to the ministry the name and address of the packager, producer or vendor, which must be affixed to the package, should not include any fake good and illegal items, containing high quality items with a valid expiry date of six month before the sales date and it should be stated if “Non Halal”.

KPDNHEP pointed out that action will be taken against traders who are found guilty of violating the guidelines under the (i) Price Control and Anti-Profiteering (Price Marking for Goods and Charges for Services) Order 2020 and (ii) Price Control (Labeling By Manufacturers, Importers, Manufacturers or Wholesalers) Order 1980 under the Price Control and Anti Profiteering Act 2011 (1).

“Action will also be taken under the Section 5and Section 14 of Trade Description Act 2011, Section 100 of the Trademark Act 2019, and Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act 1999,” it said.

For any complaint or inquiry, the public can contact the KPDNHEP through the, call center 1800 886 800, Ez ADU mobile application, Enforcement Command Center (ECC) 03-8882 6245/6088, MYGC 03-8000 8000, KPDNHEP Whatsapp 019-2794317 and come to any 73 KPDNHEP branch throughout the country. – DayakDaily.