KPDNHEP conducts hair salon inspection during “Ops Catut 7.0”

KPDNHEP Sarawak's officer is seen inspecting a hair salon premise

KUCHING, June 15: Daily inspection on hair salons, including premises that provide makeup services will be conducted by the authority to ensure that the operators comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP) set.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNHEP) Sarawak in a statement said the inspection, which is conducted under Section 21 of the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011, during “Op Catut 7.0″ (makeup and haircut), has started on June 10.

“Apart from that, inspections were also conducted to make sure that the business operators do not take advantage and charge unreasonably high prices to their customers who require their services.

“However, an investigation will be carried out under Section 21 of the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011, against those who are suspected to have been profiteering,” it said.

It added if the operators are found to have increased their prices of services excessively and over the profit margin, stern action will be taken under Section 14 of the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 (AKHAP).

The ministry noted that individuals can be fined up to RM100,000 or imprisonment not exceeding three years, or both, and company or corporation may be fined up to RM500,000 upon conviction.

It said a total of 171 notices was issued under Section 21 of the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011, from January 1 until June 14 this year.

A total of 151 notices were also issued during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, including during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) period, whereby 82 notices were issued to hair salon makeup services operators.

KPDNHEP Sarawak’s officers are seen conducting an inspection during “Ops Catut 7.0”

“As such, the ministry would like to urge all business operators not to take advantage of the situation to profit unreasonably during the implementation of the RMCO period.

“Business operators are also advised to practice an ethical business operation and not to increase their prices of services at will.

“Stern action will be taken against them if found guilty, and KPDNHEP Sarawak will continue to monitor the situation from time to times,” the statement read.

All complaints can be channeled to KPDNHEP operation office from 8 am until 5.30 pm daily through PPDNHEP Kuching 082-466052, PPDNHEP Sri Aman 083-323836, PPDNHEP Sarikei 084-657751, PPDNHEP Sibu 084-329202, PPDNHEP Kapit 084-799678, PPDNHEP Bintulu 086-332176, PPDNHEP Miri 085-412862, PPDNHEP Limbang 085-217414, PPDNHEP Mukah 084-872726, PPDNHEP Lawas 085-283650. –DayakDaily.