KPDN: Some supermarkets selling essential items below controlled prices set for Hari Gawai Dayak

Azman (second left) inspecting poultry sold at Farley Supermarket at 6th Mile while Sarawak KPDN director Matthew Barin (second right) and others look on.

By Christopher Lidom

KUCHING, May 29: Some supermarkets in Sarawak are selling certain essential goods at lower prices compare to the controlled prices set under Festive Season Maximum Price Control Scheme (SHMMP) for Hari Gawai 2023.

According to KPDN secretary-general Datuk Azman Mohd Yusof, these supermarkets are selling these goods 10 to 20 per cent below the controlled price set by the ministry.

“This is to assist the local community during these festive seasons, especially for Hari Gawai and Hari Kaamatan in Sabah,” he told a press conference at Farley Supermarket at 6th Mile here today.

The list of controlled items under SHMMP Hari Gawai 2023.

On the same note, he said KPDN will deployed 176 enforcers to implement SHMMP Hari Gawai 2023 which starts today (May 29) until June 4.

He also said the implementation of the scheme is to control the price of goods when demand is expected to increase during and after the festive season.

“A total of eight types of goods are controlled under the implementation of this scheme.

“In addition, six types of goods from the category of chicken and eggs are being controlled under the Maximum Price of Chicken and Chicken Eggs which has been in effect since February 5, 2022,” he added. — DayakDaily