Jocelyn Chia’s comedy performance ‘distasteful, rude and crude’, says Sarawak Minister

Abdul Karim (left) and a screenshot of Chia from the viral video.

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By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, June 8: A Sarawak minister has described stand-up comedian Jocelyn Chia’s recent performance in New York venue Comedy Cellar “distasteful, rude and crude”.

Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said Chia has no right to run down Malaysia and made a joke out of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, even if she is a stand-up artist.

“She must be sensitive to the feelings of her neighbours.

“I don’t see her jokes as funny. Instead I find her jokes appalling. She must have run out of ideas on what to say when performing as a stand-up artist,” Abdul Karim told DayakDaily.

He pointed out that there are many Asian stand-up comedians including Malaysia-born Ronny Chieng and Hong Kong-born Jimmy Yang who are doing extremely well and gaining fame in the United States of America.

“There are also many more artists in our part of the world who know how to choose the right word to banter and make fun of countries or personalities but not to the extent of offending or demeaning them.

“There is no excuse for Chia apart from being immature and insensitive,” opined Abdul Karim.

A video of Chia’s performance mocking Malaysia and making reference to the disappearance of MH370 has gone viral.

The following is a transcription of part of Chia’s performance at New York’s Comedy Cellar.

“My country Singapore, after we gained independence from the British, we were a struggling little nation.

“In order to survive, we formed a union with a larger and more powerful country, Malaysia.”

Hearing a response from an audience member, she asked: “Where are you from? From Malaysia or Singapore?”

The audience member replied that he was from Malaysia.

“Malaysia? Okay. F*k you, A*holes”. When my prime minister went on TV to announce that you guys have dumped us, he cried cos he thought we were not going to survive without you.

“But then 40 years later, we became a first world country. And you guys, Malaysia, what are you now? Still a developing country. Oh…boo…f**k you, Malaysia.”

Singapore Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has apologised to Malaysia over Chia’s “horrendous” remarks. — DayakDaily