Irate residents of Kpg Quop rue frequent flood menace at Jalan Saput

A house in Jalan Saput inundated by flood waters recently due to heavy rain

By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, Nov 27: Each time when it rains heavily, a section of Jalan Saput, Kampung Quop, some 16 km from here will be inundated with water.

And each time such flooding occurred on the section of the road, it will affect 21 families living in the vicinity as they will not be able to pass through Jalan Quop.

Today, DayakDaily went to investigate and checked the site with the local residents as to what caused the frequent flooding.

After a thorough investigation, we have found out that the main cause is the culvert which has been built by a housing developer who had abandoned the project.

An abandoned culvert project … the possible cause of the floods in the area.

“We have written to the relevant authorities, including to our Ketua Kampung, chairman of Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and the director of the state’s Drainage and Irrigation Department about two years ago, but till this day, there is still no sign things will change for the better.

“We have tried our best. But now, we do not know what to do. We really hope that DayakDaily can highlight this issue so that we can have a peaceful mind,” said Zone Sumbur, Kampung Quop spokesperson Wilson Binet to DayakDaily at the village today.

He hoped that the relevant authorities will assist them to overcome their predicament, especially during this monsoon season.

Besides having to cope with prone flooding on the road section which hinders their movement, three other families also sought assistance as their homes would be inundated during heavy rain.

One of the house owners is Mayrel Mijak, 50 who lives with his wife Momoi Lanyi, 51 and four children in a two-room double-story house.

“Each time it rains heavily, we have to be alert as the flood water may reach our ground floor,” said Mayrel.

He said his family often endures flood affecting their house and the most recent one was last week whereby the house was inundated by one foot of water and damaged a few electrical goods.

The interior of a house deluged by floodwaters.

“We hope the relevant authorities can do something to alleviate our problem,” he appealed.

Similarly, Ngui Kim Hin, 61 also suffered the same fate as Mayrel during a heavy downpour.

Ngui and his family of eight, have been living in the village as his mother is from there.

“We hope the relevant authorities can improve the drainage system so that we don’t have to endure hardship each time it rains heavily,” said Ngui.

Meanwhile, Habitat for Indigenous and Urban Programme (Hidup) president George Young Si Ricord Jr hoped the relevant authorities would assist the affected families urgently due to the current rainy season.

“We hoped the relevant authorities will come over and have a look at the root cause and rectify the situation before tragedy strikes and anyone gets hurt because many of them are having small children,” he said.

He also hoped MPP will be more proactive and go to the ground often to check on the needs of the people living under its jurisdiction. -DayakDaily