Unoccupied house in Simunjan badly damaged by fire

Firefighters and the members of the public are seen investigating the house after the flame was put out.

KUCHING, Nov 27: An unoccupied house in Kampung Gawang Empili in Simunjan was badly damaged by fire, yesterday.

Sarawak Fire and Rescue (Bomba) department information center in a statement said they received the call regarding the incident at 5.58 pm, and a team of eight firefighters from Bomba Simunjan led by PBK II Trajudin Mail was deployed to the location.

“Commanding officer informed that the unoccupied house was destroyed for 80 per cent during the incident, and the flame was put off by the member of the public using pipe water and five-unit of fire extinguisher,” it said.

The statement noted firefighters only carried out a follow-up operation to monitor the location to ensure that no other sources of ignition could reignite the flame.

“The cause and the number of losses are still under investigation,” it added. –DayakDaily.