Gedong folk advised to be IT minded, settle land issues based on consensus

Naroden (wearing a red cap) presents goodies to a recipient at Kampung Batu Pengansah.

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GEDONG, June 1: Gedong assemblyman Datuk Naroden Majais has two wishes for this Gawai-Raya celebration.

His first wish is for his constituents to tap the power of information technology to enhance their living standard. His second wish is for the villagers not to fight over `Pemakai Menoa’ (territorial domain) land but to sit down and discuss how to work things out for mutual benefits.

On his first wish, Naroden, who is also Assistant Minister of E-Commerce, advised the people of Gedong to change their mindsets to positive ones and embrace technology.

“Change your way of thinking by not taking things for granted and leaving everything to the government and others to solve your daily problems. Instead, be more creative and innovative yourselves,” he said during pre-Gawai gatherings at Kampung Keniongjaya and at Kampung Batu Pengansah on Friday.

At both gatherings, he distributed roughly 200 packets of goodies and cash aid to the elderly, single mothers and the underprivileged.

A section of the crowd at the Gawai Eve gathering at Kampung Batu Pengansah on Friday evening (May 31, 2019).

He told those present that many answers that they sought were actually at their fingertips.

“We have the gadgets within our hands, where we can use them to get whatever information we need. If you don’t know, ask your children to help you because they know how to use them,” said Naroden, who is also Assistant Minister of Entrepreneur and Small, Medium Enterprise (SME) Development.

He, however, cautioned them to be discerning with the information they get online.

“Get information that can help to improve your living. Shun harmful information that brings destruction to yourself and others,” he advised.

Technology, he added, also has a place in the agricultural sector, where farmers could use them to pursue modern, commercial farming.

“You have all the land you need. You can develop your land into modern and commercial farms by using the latest information and technology. We have the relevant government agencies to guide you on the crop potentials and also, the processing and marketing of your crops.  

“All you need to do is to start trying, trying and trying or at least start thinking to start,” he said.

On his second wish, Naroden reminded the villagers that there were still sizeable land out there for everybody. 

“What you all need to do is sit down together among the community leaders, including Temenggong, Pemanca, Penghulu, longhouse chiefs and village heads, and start thinking about the formulae with regards to boundaries and land size for each village and each family based on the availability of `Pemakai Menoa’ for each respective village. 

“Don’t do it based on greed. Be considerate in whatever you think and decide to do, as we are not living alone. We are living with others, and we all need each other to survive and move forward,” he said.

At the functions, Naroden announced a RM140,000 grant to replace water pipes for Kampung Samalatong A (Tuai Rumah Wilson Deri), Kampung Samalatong B (Penghulu hj Najib Arbi), Kampung Sibau Rumbau (Tuai Rumah Sebli), Simpang Samalatong (Tuai Rumah Henry), Kampung Isu Sedia (Tuai Rumah Achai) as well as Kampungg Isujaya (Tuai Rumah Spina).  

Naroden also approved RM120,000 to build a gravity-feed water system for Kampung Keniong baru, Kampung Keniong Lama and Kampung Keniong Semerlap. 

Meanwhile, Naroden has also been moving on the ground with Batang Sadong MP Dato Sri Nancy Shukri to bring cheer to those who would be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri soon.— DayakDaily