Gawai-Raya: Ferry operating hours extended, more ferries to be deployed

Julaihi (centre) with Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation Principal Assistant Secretary Anuar Da'an (left) and state JKR assistant director (Fleet Management) Jong Fung Swee at the press conference.

By Nigel Edgar

KUCHING, May 23: In view of the upcoming twin festive celebrations and holidays starting next week, the state government will extend the operating hours and number of ferries at seven ferry terminals along the coastal highway.

Assistant Minister of Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi said this extended operating hours and ferry services would be from May 25 to June 16 to accommodate the expected increase in traffic along the coastal highway throughout the Gawai and Hari Raya holiday seasons.

The affected ferry terminals would be the Sebuyau/Triso Ferry Terminal, Batang Saribas Ferry Terminal, Sungai Sian (Bintangor) Ferry Terminal, Batang Lawas Ferry Terminal, and three terminals in Mukah-Muara Lassa, Batang Paloh and Kuala Igan Ferry Terminals.

For the Sebuyau/Triso Ferry Terminal, the service would be from 4am till midnight and three ferries would be operating, while for the Sungai Sian (Bintangor) Ferry Terminal, two ferries would be operating from 5am till midnight.

For the Batang Saribas Ferry Terminal, two ferries would be operating from 5am till midnight, while the Batang Lawas ferry would be operating from 6am till midnight.

As for the three ferry terminals in Mukah, all of them would be from 6am till midnight, where three ferries each would be operating simultaneously.

Julaihi also advised those using the ferry services to always follow the rules set by the ferry operators and not to cut queues unless in case of emergency.

“I would also like to remind ferry users that only the driver is allowed to be inside the vehicle while on the ferry, with all the windows winded down.

“Please ensure your vehicle’s ignition is turned off and double check and make sure your parking or hand brakes are engaged properly.

“Also be aware of the locations of emergency devices such as life jackets and life rafts on the ferry,” he told a press conference at his office at Bangunan Baitulmakmur here this afternoon.

Julaihi also revealed the number of vehicles (based on ticket sales) using the ferry services as follows:

Sebuyau/Triso Ferry:
Oct – 31,331 vehicles
Nov – 33,427
Dec – 43,933

Jan – 34,735
Feb – 38,549
Mar – 38,326

Batang Saribas Ferry:
Oct – 30,431
Nov – 34,098
Dec – 40,044

Jan – 33,943
Feb – 35,866
Mar – 36,734

Sungai Sian Ferry:
Oct – 21,095
Nov – 20,285
Dec – 21,224

Jan – 21,532
Feb – 19,392
Mar – 20,931

Batang Lawas Ferry:
Oct – 31,731
Nov – 32,209
Dec – 33,346

Jan – 32,322
Feb – 29,811
Mar – 33,384

Muara Lassa Ferry:
Oct – 43,447
Nov – 40,413
Dec – 44,609

Jan – 41,658
Feb – 42,202
Mar – 39,418

Batang Paloh Ferry:
Oct – 42,152
Nov – 38,225
Dec – 40,557

Jan – 38,489
Feb – 37,033
Mar – 38,513

Kuala Igan Ferry:
Oct – 18,517
Nov – 17,831
Dec – 17,697

Jan – 18,336
Feb – 17,180
Mar – 19,638

— DayakDaily