Fuel prices down across the board for Aug 8-14

A vehicle getting refueled at a petrol station. ā€” DayakDaily.com file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

KUCHING, Aug 7: The prices for RON97 and RON95 will be less by five sen per litre while diesel will be priced lower by four sen per litre for the period of August 8-14.

According to a press statement from the Finance Ministry, the weekly setting of the retail price for petroleum products for the period of August 8-14 follows the automatic pricing mechanism (APM).

Hence, the ministry disclosed the retail price for RON97 and RON95 were adjusted downward to reflect the changes.

It revealed that the price for RON97 will be cut by five sen to RM1.93 per litre while the price for RON95 will be lowered to RM1.63 per litre.

The Finance Ministry added, the price for diesel will be decreased by four sen to RM1.79 per litre.

It asserted that the federal government is closely monitoring the effect of the changes in crude oil prices and taking appropriate measures to ensure that the welfare of the people are taken care of. ā€” DayakDaily