Flood situation worsens at Long Urun and Metalun

Rising floodwater levels have inundated the corridor at Pawa Longhouse of Long Urun, Belaga.

KUCHING, Feb 7: Floodwaters have risen one foot above the floor of Pawa Longhouse of Long Urun, Belaga today.

Murum assemblyman Kennedy Chukpai Ugon who was informed of the severity of the flood, tried to bring in food and drinks with officials of the Welfare Department.

“This morning, I was told that the floodwaters were six inches below the longhouse. By 1pm today, it had risen to one foot above the longhouse floor.

“The longhouse was also cut off when river water from Sungai Penuan overflowed and flooded the access road. We were unable to get to the longhouse.

“The flood water only subsided after 5pm and by 7pm, we managed to deliver food and drinks to the longhouse people there,” he told DayakDaily over the telephone.

He said there are 27 doors in the longhouse.

Floodwaters at its height one foot above the floor at Pawa Longhouse.

Meanwhile, Chukpai said his earlier fears had become a reality after two of the three bridges along Metalun Road gave way today.

Chukpai said as he was traveling to Long Urun which is five hours from Metalun, he was unable to check on the situation at Metalun.

“With the two bridges broken, that means residents of Long Menapa, Long Tangau, Long Luar and Long Singu is now cut off from the Metalun Resettlement Scheme.”

He said there were more than 1,000 residents living in the five longhouse settlements.

“Today, it is still raining in Murum. I just hope tonight the rain will stop, or the people of Long Urun will continue to suffer,” said Chukpai.

On the two broken bridges at Metalun, he said he would travel there tomorrow and assess the situation before making further comments. — DayakDaily