Fire razes house at Jalan Yong Seng, Bintangor

Firefighters are seen extinguishing the flames with water during the operation.

KUCHING, Jan 4: A house along Jalan Yong Sing, Bintangor was destroyed by fire last night.

According to the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations centre in a statement, they received the call regarding the incident at 9.43pm and responded by deploying a team of 10 firefighters led by PBK II Samsawi Mohamad, together with PPgB Nicholas Belulin, to the location.

Raging flames are seen consuming the house in Jalan Yong Seng, Bintangor as firefighters prepare to commence the extinguishing operation.

“After arriving at the location, firefighters found that the building, which is a semi-permanent structure, with a residential area on top and a car workshop on the ground floor, was completely destroyed in the incident.

“Firefighters then began their operation by extinguishing the flames and preventing it from spreading to a nearby structure,” the statement read.

The situation was brought under control at 10.20pm and the fire was completely extinguished at 11.47pm.

“During the operation, firefighters had difficulty extinguishing the flames due to the lack of water sources, where firefighters have to go back and forth four times, in order to fetch the water from the nearest fire hydrant located about one kilometer from the location,” the statement added.

Among other agencies involved in the operation were police personnel from the Bintangor police station, and Syarikat Sesco Bhd (Sesco) personnel. — DayakDaily.