Federal govt provides RM152.5 million for Longhouse Financing Scheme

Parliament of Malaysia crest. - file pic

By Adrian Lim

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7: The federal government has provided RM152.5 million to the Sarawak government for the Longhouse Financing Scheme and longhouses with a total of 8,915 doors already rebuilt and refurbished.

Deputy Finance Minister II Mohd Shahar Abdullah said the Finance Ministry has allocated RM10 million to the state government in 2020 for the Longhouse Financing Scheme as well.

“The state government through Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has provided a RM10.1 million loan for 2020 to rebuild and refurbish longhouses with a total of 340 doors throughout Sarawak.

“A total of 15 longhouses in Sg Pelanduk, Spaoh, Betong have also been rebuilt and repaired with an approved allocation of RM414,000 under the Longhouse Financing Scheme.

“Any further allocation for the scheme will depend on the financial resources and financial standings of the federal government,” he said in Parliament today.

Mohd Shahar was replying to Betong MP Datuk Robert Lawson Chuat who asked the Finance Minister on the allocation which was approved by the federal government to Sarawak for the Longhouse Financing Scheme for 2020.

Mohd Shahar explained that the funding provided to Sarawak was in the form of grants rather than loans and as such additional funding will depend on the financial resources of the federal government.

He noted that there were also RM10 million allocated under Budget 2021 for Sarawak to rebuild and refurbish longhouses.

He said the state government through HDC also provided financing in the form of loan for those who earned between RM650 and RM3,000 to repair their longhouses.

He added the interest charged was approximately three per cent which worked out to a monthly repayment of RM65 to RM70.

At the same time, Mohd Shahar said the federal government is open to any proposal if the state government would like to contribute funds to the Longhouse Financing Scheme. — DayakDaily