Education Ministry urged to hasten centralisation of three schools in Saeh

Lukanisman Awang Sauni

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, April 3: Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni has urged the Education Ministry to expedite the merging of three low-enrolment primary schools in Saeh.

He said this was crucial because the students of the area needed better learning environments as a whole.

“For my Sibuti constituency, Saeh has been identified by Jabatan Pendidikan Daerah to have the potential to merge as a centralised school.

“Currently, there are three primary schools operating in Saeh area with low enrolment where the student numbers are below 30.

“As the student number is small, the teachers are now combining classes when teaching. For example, Primary One and Primary Two are taught together and Primary Three and Four together. This is not conducive for the learning of our students,” Lukanisman told DayakDaily.

He said Saeh which has 11 longhouses is presently well-linked with tar-sealed roads and the three schools are 2-3 kilometres apart.

“The three schools meet the criteria to become a centralised school. I hope the Education Ministry would faster the speed to build a well facilitated centralised school for the three schools so that our students may be taught in a proper setting,” said Lukanisman who raised the issue in Parliament today.

He understood for that to happen permission first needed to be sought from the parents and residents of the area.

“For sure the alumni and parents have sentimental feelings toward their schools but at the same time we need to understand the necessity to provide a conducive study environment for our children in primary school.”

“I am urging the ministry to look into this plan seriously and provide the timeline for when and how to implement it.”

“A centralised school will benefit our children in term of better facilities, more activities for students, optimising teacher workforce and a conducive learning environment,” said Lukanisman. — DayakDaily