Doris tells PBDS not to pit against their own kind

Datuk Seri Doris Brodie

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KUCHING, Dec 15: The Dayak communities should stop the politics of pitting their own kind, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) women chief Dato’ Sri Doris Brodie advised Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS).

She made this call in response to the criticisms from PBDS deputy president Major (Rtd) Moses Ripai who had alleged that the fall of PBDS in 2004 was caused by Tan Sri James Jemut Masing.

“It is unfair for Moses to put the blame on Tan Sri Masing for the fall of PBDS in 2004. It was not about Masing fighting (the late Datuk Seri Daniel) Tajem.

“In fact, the actual demise of PBDS in 2004 was because of the TDC (triennial delegates conference) that was held in Santubong on 26 July 2004, (which) had contravened the party’s constitution,” she said in a statement today.

Doris pointed out that there were of course many consequential events leading to that but narrating it now would be finger pointing at many which she felt was not the way to move forward as PBDS is now a dead chapter in Dayak politics.

“It is history. It is like a dead tree that cannot be resurrected. Hence, there is no need to try to dig it up for the sake of publicity by reviving an old controversy and an episode of blame game in Dayak politics,” she added.

She recalled that the PBDS that was established in December 1983 until October 2004 was very Dayak-centric, one that was so engrossed then with the elation and the political audacities of reception and the cheers from the ground and the overwhelming feeling of Dayakism.

That Dayakism spirit, she opined, had actually inculcated fears on those who were not of the same feathers, which to a certain extent had caused resistance too.

“And we, deeply engulfed with enthusiasm, had failed to see Sarawak’s multiracial state during those times.

“It is with these regards, I believe, why Tan Sri Masing preferred to move forward in togetherness and unite to fight for the interests of Sarawakians instead.

“The lesson learned and the political journey that he (Masing) had travelled on and endured perhaps made him see the way forward in politics with a wider spectrum. In many ways, I can feel Tan Sri Masing and I believed many who have been in that era feel likewise too,” she elaborated.

On a personal note, Doris emphasised that the Dayak communities need to look at things from a bigger perspective and fit in well in the context of pluralism.

“We need to learn and understand our past to carve our future,” she added.

As for PBDS, Doris urged them to do what they think is right for their party, keep it intake and manage it well.

“If it is your agenda to set up a Dayak political platform as a basis to articulate the issues plaguing the Dayaks and act as the ‘Hall of Meeting’ amongst the Dayaks intellectuals as mentioned by their deputy president, Moses in the news portal recently, then I suggest for your party to stay true to it and stay focus; move forward.

“Do not be enthralled in a blame game and especially not against another Dayak,” she reiterated. — DayakDaily