Don’t be easily misled by instigators, Balai Ringin rep advises constituents

Snowdan delivering his speech during a Randau Session at Kampung Empili Buri, Simunjan, over the weekend.

SIMUNJAN, Sept 2: Balai Ringin assemblyman Datuk Snowdan Lawan has advised his constituents to be wary of instigators who are out to poison their minds against the government of the day.

He said that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) delivers for the people through the Minor Rural Project (MRP) and Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) from the state fund.

“I urge you to reject these sort of people who could only make promises but have no means to deliver,” Snowdan said at a Randau Session at Kampung Empili Buri over the weekend.

He also advised the tuai rumah (village headmen) to play a more proactive role in administrating longhouses within their jurisdiction, said Snowdan.

Besides that, he also urged them to maintain closer relationships and regularly visit government agencies such as the district office, Agriculture Department, district councils, Welfare Department, and Land and Survey Department offices nearest them.

“This is to ensure that you can get updates on any ongoing government aid, grants, and development funds for the benefits of your ‘nembiak’ and the kampungs.

“More importantly, always maintain a cordial relationship with staff of these agencies while dealing with them. Update and keep in contact with your local elected representatives on development projects in your respective longhouses,” he said.

On Internet connectivity, Snowdan explained that the Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) is embarking on state-wide construction of telecommunication towers to resolve the issue which may take a while.

At the function, Snowdan who is also Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports approved MRP grants totalling RM74,000 for five Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK) and Women Bureaus in the area.

Snowdan also approved an RTP grant of RM200,000 for next year (2021) to build a balai raya for Kampung Empili Buri.

He also approved an RTP budget of RM180,000 for 2021 to construct a futsal field meant for the youth of the five villages there and advise the tuai rumah to locate a suitable site.

Also present at the event were a political secretary to the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Doris Sophia Brodie and Pemanca Peter Mooney.

During the event Snowdan also received 40 applications from former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) members to join Parti Rakyat Sarawak-GPS headed by Tuai Rumah Aming Selingau. — DayakDaily