Disrupted water supply to Lundu under restoration

Excavators on site to carry out repair works.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Jan 20: The disrupted water supply since Tuesday (Jan 19) to certain villages in Lundu is undergoing repair and will be reconnected soonest possible.

The Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) Sarawak, in a statement today, said repair works were immediately implemented following a burst main pipeline due to construction work on a section of the Bau-Lundu stretch of the Pan Borneo Highway.

A number of excavators have been mobilised to speed up the repair works which were made more difficult due to soft soil conditions as a result of heavy rains in the area.

As it would take more time due to various challenges and issues faced, JBALB Sarawak added that the repair works are expected to be completed by today.

Among the areas affected by water supply disruption include Kg Selampit, Kg Bitokan, Kg Sebandi Hulu and Hilir, Kg Bukit Papan, Kg Senibong, Kg Setunggang Ulu, Kg Gerunggang Lama and Baru, Kg Temelan Melayu and Dayak, Kg Kloah, Kg Bantang Embang, Kg Benggang, Kg Setunggang Melayu Lama, and Kg Setunggang Dayak until Jalan Lundu-Sampadi/Beruan Lundu.

Acknowledging the inconvenience to the villagers as a result of the said disruption, JBALB Kuching Division and contractors involved have deployed water relief assistance to the affected areas.

In view of the repair work, water supply will be available in stages especially in areas located on higher ground and ‘end-points’.

Excavators on site of the affected Lundu-Bau Pan Borneo Highway section to repair the water pipe.

Affected consumers and villagers are advised to store adequate water for usage during the restoration period.

JBALB Sarawak reiterated assurance that water supply disruption will be fixed as soon as possible and regretted the inconvenience caused.

For assistance, the public can contact JBALB Lundu at 082-734722 during office hours or JBALB Kuching through WhatsApp at 011-33027118.

Consumers can also get the latest update on the development through its Facebook page JBALB Sarawak. — DayakDaily

Water relief for affected residents being deployed by JBALB Kuching Division and contractors.