Deputy minister vows to get to bottom of Sibu Jaya flats’ low water pressure woes, urges residents to be patient

Tiang checking water pressure in a Sibu Jaya flat.

By William Isau

SIBU, Sept 27: Residents of the Sibu Jaya flats have been urged to be patient and give the authority some time to solve the low water pressure problem they are facing.

Deputy Minister of Public Health, Housing and Local Government II Michael Tiang when conducting a survey regarding the problem today said that what has been done so far to solve the problem has not yielded good results.

He revealed that the Sibu Water Board (SWB) had previously installed a 1,000mm diameter pipe to increase the supply and pressure of water, and that the pipe had been in operation since September 21.

“However, the same problem also occurs. They (SWB) have also done various methods (to resolve the matter) but the problem is still the same, residents are still facing low water pressure.

“I think we will bring this problem to my ministry and the relevant agencies to discuss,” stressed the Pelawan assemblyman.

He said he was aware that this problem has been haunting the residents of Sibu Jaya for a long time, but various efforts have not been successful in overcoming it.

According to him, since the installation of the 1,000mm diameter pipe on the lower and first floors, water pressure has improved slightly, although it has not fully recovered compared to before the installation of the pipe.

But on the other hand, Tiang stressed, low water pressure occurred on the second floor where it did not get the proper water supply.

This, he said, is believed to be caused by the low water pressure still occurring.

“I will find the best solution immediately to overcome the problem of low water pressure in Sibu Jaya and its surroundings.

“It is understood that this problem continues and may be caused by the structure of high-rise buildings because the flats here are one to three-storeys high,” he stressed.

As for an alternative solution of providing a water tank on the roof of each block, he said it was not appropriate because there is no suitable structure to place the water tank on the roof due to the buildings’ age. — DayakDaily