DAP man: PAS’ call for concert ban, blaming non-Muslims and non-Bumiputera for corruption threat to national unity

Dr Kelvin Yii

By Nur Ashikin Louis

KUCHING, Aug 27: Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) is not only short of ideas on how to move Malaysia forward but is also a threat to the multicultural and plural society in the nation, says Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen.

He said this was proven following a recent statement by PAS Youth chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari who said that the party would hold a nationwide protest if the government did not cancel international concerts.

Previously on Aug 20, PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang also made a controversial statement blaming non-Muslims and non-Bumiputeras for being the cause of corruption in the country.

“First and foremost, if the Prime Minister (Dato Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob) is serious about his ‘Malaysian Family’ concept, Hadi must be sacked from all his government position, including his Special Envoy to Middle East position, which shares the same status as a Minister.

“PAS’ fixation on concerts in the midst of a possible economic slowdown and rampant corruption in Malaysia shows how they have their priorities confused and have nothing constructive to offer to everyday problems faced by every Malaysian.

“As part of the government, all they can offer to address everyday Malaysian problems seems to be to protests against concerts in our country,” Dr Yii said in a statement today.

He also questioned PAS whether all these concerts by overseas artistes are even the cause of the moral collapse of the leaders in power, which have led to billions of ringgit stolen in cases like 1MDB, littoral combat ship (LCS), Tabung Haji and criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving millions of ringgit from Yayasan Akalbudi, among others.

“Why are there no nationwide protests for all these more serious matters, especially against blatant corruption, bad governance, inequality, discrimination, and oppressive laws that are inflicting real damage to our country and its people?” he added.

Dr Yii, who is also Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth (DAPSY) national chief, alleged that all these divisive rhetorics involving PAS were merely a smokescreen for their leader’s incompetence in dealing with real issues that affect all Malaysians, as well as their deafening silence against their own partners in government who are involved in grand corruption and kleptocracy.

“This is why there should not be a place for PAS in positions of power in our country. This is the kind of government PAS will bring, so vote wisely in the next general election,” he emphasised. — DayakDaily