DAP man claims loose iron panels hanging from Jalan Satok overpass, beautification project unattended

Lam (left) and Chin gesturing at some missing panels from the Satok overhead bridge.

KUCHING, Aug 4: Special assistant to Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong, George Lam wants an explanation from the Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) regarding the seemingly abandoned beautification project at the Jalan Satok overpass.

When visiting the site today during working hours with Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth (Dapsy) Kuching secretary Anthony Chin, Lam claimed that no workers were there on duty.

He said that from his understanding, the beautification project has been left unattended for a few months.

“Our inspection was during working hours. It was strange to see that there were no workers working to conduct the so-called beautification project,” he said.

From the inspection, Lam said, he also noticed several iron panels either missing or hanging loose from the overpass.

Other than that, he claimed that broken tile pieces have been left unattended on the walkway along Jalan Satok for months.

Lam (right) and Chin pointing at some the piles of debris piles on the walkway along Jalan Satok.

“Therefore, I urge DBKU to be transparent on this matter, come out and explain to the public the reason why the project is being delayed.

“If the contractor is not performing, then the council should re-open the tender and let other capable contractors conduct the first phase of the beautification project,” said Lam. — Dayakdaily