PRN12: Community leaders sound out support for Ngemah incumbent

Community leaders, councillors and tuai rumah showing their strong support for Ngemah incumbent, Alexander Vincent to win with a bigger majority in the coming State election, in a gathering at a restaurant in Sibu last night.

By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, July 28: Six penghulu, seven councillors and 27 longhouse chiefs have pledged their unwavering support to Ngemah incumbent Alexander Vincent to continue representing them in the coming state election.

According to Penghulu Barnabas Angkis, the community leaders have voiced their continued support for Alexander as he has been proven to be an effective representative.

“We would like to express our confidence that YB Alexander Vincent is the right candidate to continue to lead us in the coming state election as he has been helpful to us in the past and we hoped he will continue his good job in the next five years,” Barnabas said in his speech at a gathering in a restaurant in Sibu last night.

Besides Barnabas, five other penghulus who also spoke at the function were Penghulu Juni Masam, Penghulu Ugap Seribu, Penghulu Leong, Penghulu Bennett Juntan, Penghulu Ron Ugai.

The seven councillors and 27 tuai rumah present also expressed their support for Alexander.

“He is very dedicated and very caring to our people in the ground. As such we would like him to continue his good job,” they said in a press statement issued to the press.

They also expressed their solid support for Alexander to be retained as a candidate for Ngemah by Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), a component party of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) in the coming State election.

In the last election, Alexander won in a four-cornered fight with a slim majority of 154 votes. He garnered 2,888 votes.

When contacted, Alexander, who is also PRS supreme council member said he is confident to garner more votes this time around with the strong support shown by the community leaders.

“On my part, I will continue to fight for better infrastructure, especially roads, electricity and water for all the 300 over longhouses in my kawasan.

“This can be achieved as Ngemah is under the Ulu Rajang Development Agency (Urda) which has been allocated RM1.5 billion to carry our projects that are meant to elevate the standard of living of the people in Ulu Rajang area,” he said.

Currently almost 80 per cent of Ngemah area is reachable by road and he is confident that it will reached 100 per cent in the next five years, with Urda as the main platform to transform the livelihood of the people.

Meanwhile, Alexander said the 22km Ng Ngungun-Jagau Road will be built in two phases under Urda.

Once completed it will serve more than 30 longhouses in Jagau, a remote resettlement in Ulu Ngemah.

“As for the Ng Ngungun-Temalaat Road, it will be completed soon as they are doing the final touch up now,” he said.

With the completion of the 10km road, it will provide seamless drive from Sibu right up right to Song and Kapit.—DayakDaily