CityOne Megamall management assures mall is safe, fit to reopen

CityOne Megamall. (Photo sourced from

KUCHING, Dec 10: The management of CityOne Megamall assures that the mall is now safe to reopen, a week after a deadly gas explosion which killed three people last Tuesday (Dec 4).

It was responding to feedback and safety concerns brought up by the public.

“We’ve been getting very kind feedback and concerns from you on some issues and we’d kindly like to address them.

“CityOne has definitely been declared safe by (a) independent and highly competent engineers, and therefore (b) given the green light to reopen by MBKS (Kuching South City Commission).

“Bomba (Fire and Safety Department) has also given us the go-ahead to open the mall except for the unit directly affected. Their newly imported sniffing dogs (trained in the UK) would have picked up anything IF there were any further leakages elsewhere. Was informed by Bomba and journalists that these dogs can even smell toxic scents (and rotten flesh) as far as 30 feet under water.

“It is NOT true that the restaurants in CityOne use gas pipelines, and therefore all other eateries in CityOne are NOT in any danger. If it was indeed an integrated gas pipeline, the explosion would have spread to other eatery establishments as well.

“All the eateries here have conducted very thorough safety checks on their own kitchens. You can imagine why this was definitely their top priority after what had happened,” the mall’s management said in a statement today.

It also assured that far as the spiritual side of things are concerned, a priest had been summoned to the affected area by the bereaved families and cleansing rituals had been carried out.

Further to the above, the mall’s management said church pastors have also done a walkabout throughout the entire mall and have prayed over the area for cleansing, and peace and safety to be established again.

“We thank you for your kind understanding. We’d love to see you back here at CityOne, so drop by when you can.

“All is well and we’re on schedule to re-open the second half of the mall by Wednesday. We will double confirm again by Tuesday evening,” assured the mall’s management. — DayakDaily