CENTEXS Commercial to help local biz generate income via SARA-X app

CENTEXS Commercial general manager Mohamad Shahren Mohamad Yusri.

KUCHING, Jan 8: The Centre of Technical Excellence (CENTEXS) Commercial welcomes local business owners and skillful individuals to register and become a part of service providers or merchants under SARA-X Application to promote their business and services in an easier way through a “Jum Daftar dan Jum Guna SARA-X” Campaign this year.

CENTEXS Commercial general manager Mohamad Shahren Mohamad Yusri, in a press statement today, said service providers or merchants should take part and utilise the application as it could ease their worries in marketing their businesses.

“For the Phase 1, SARA-X welcomes business owners among local communities to join and become a merchant with the application. Soon for Phase Two, SARA-X will expand its circle and seek professional merchants, such as lawyers, tutors and more,” he said.

Mohamad Shahren noted, currently SARA-X application has 150 service providers and CENTEXS Commercial targeted to reach 1,000 service providers by this year.

“As you know, many people are still asking around within their connections or sometimes via Google Search to search for these types of services that they are looking for. Therefore with SARA-X, future clients can now use the application to search and pick the services based on the categories listed,” he said.

At the same time, Mohamad Shahren pointed out that the establishment of the application is in line  with the Sarawak Digital Economy Plan, as it also nurtures a digital ecosystem that will support the people of Sarawak to thrive and flourish in the rapidly evolving technology-driven era.

SARA-X application’s poster.

He also assured that, on the matter of development and the maintenance of the application, merchants should not be worried about it as the team of SARA-X, which is CENTEXS Commercial, will manage the application including the marketing and promotional aspects.

“Local business owners and skillful individuals will only need to focus and provide on their services, and generate income easily. Aside from that, there are also individuals with skills but do not have the certification for their services–thus, SARA-X will give recognition training courses for our merchants and will receive Recognition Prior Experience (RPE) Certification.

“Those who sign up with SARA-X will attend the course within one month after application and it is free of charge,” he added

Furthermore, he continued, individuals whose incomes are affected can also join SARA-X to gain income and as a platform to make a living to ease their burden.

“All  registered service providers will also undergo a background check to ensure that the services provided are the best in its field. Interested individuals can download the application for free via Google PlayStore (Android), and is currently in development for iOs (Apple Store).

“Additionally, interested individuals can also contact SARA-X Hotline at 013-8137608 to register as a merchant or visit our official Facebook page at SARA-X for further inquiries” he said. — DayakDaily