Bomba delivers much-needed food rations to Serian villages

Firefighters from Serian fire station delivered food aid to several villages.

SERIAN, Apr 8: Firefighters from Serian fire station were not exempted from being out in the field to deliver food assistance to the needy during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Since the MCO took place effective March 18, many villagers – especially daily paid workers from semi to rural areas – have faced difficulties obtaining food as they are unable to work hence no income.

Assisting the social welfare department, firefighters delivered the food packs from 8.30 am to 4 pm.

With their 4WD vehicles, two teams delivered a total of 75 packs for Kpg Remun, Kpg Seroban, Kpg Ranchan, Kpg Munggu Rimo, Kpg Koran Barie, Kpg Merian Bedup, Kpg Merang Bedup, Kpg Longgo, Kpg Sg Buluh, Kpg Slabi Entukuh, Kpg Slabi Sangkam, Kpg Sorak Dayak, Kpg Sorak Mawang, Kpg Sorak Melayu and Kpg Sorak Sumpung. —DayakDaily