Be aware of waterborne diseases during flood season

A health inspector checking on the quality of water supply at one of the houses in the district. Photo: Ukas

KUCHING, Jan 3: The Limbang Divisional Health Office reminded residents in low-lying areas to be aware of waterborne diseases during flood season.

According to a report from Sarawak Public Communication Unit (Ukas) today, Limbang Divisional Health Office also called on all those affected by the floods to seek immediate treatment if they are experiencing fever, diarrhoea, and vomiting ― among others ― within 30 days after clean-up works commenced.

“People exposed to floods before are also reminded always to wear personal protective equipment when cleaning the house and the surrounding environment after floods.

“This includes cleaning themselves thoroughly after, ensuring that home and kitchen appliances are also clean, as well as eliminating potential breeding grounds for pests,” it said.

Limbang health officers recently put up a bunting at one of the villages to educate residents about waterborne diseases. Photo: Ukas

Recently, Limbang Divisional Health Office conducted environmental health inspections at several locations in the district, namely in Kampung Limpaku Pinang, Rumah Brain Meruyu, and Rumah Panjai Sungai Lubai, including a picnic spot in Sungai Reda.

The inspection was carried out to ensure that the area was free from waterborne diseases, including cholera. ― DayakDaily