Baru urges federal and state govts to remember their accountability to the rakyat

Baru Bian

KUCHING, May 31: State Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chief Baru Bian reminds the new Pakatan Harapan government to be responsible in exercising its obligations and the Sarawak government to be prudent in managing Sarawak’s wealth.

He said only when these duties are properly discharged would Sarawakians and even all Malaysians be able to enjoy good harvests in the future.

“Sarawak is blessed indeed that besides being rich in diversity and culture, we are also rich in natural resources. We must never forget that the preservation and management of our wealth is paramount, and that it must be utilised prudently for the benefit of all Sarawakians, not just the elite few.

“In the aftermath of what has happened in Malaysia, let the people realise that the real power lies with them, if they are united.

“I pray that the new government will be responsible in carrying out its obligation to the whole nation, and that the Sarawak government will be responsible in managing our wealth for all Sarawakians.

“If we are aware of our onerous duty and discharge our duties responsibly, our people will continue to enjoy many good harvests in the future, not only in Sarawak, but the whole of Malaysia,” said Baru, who is also Ba ‘Kelalan assemblyman as well as Selangau MP in his Gawai message yesterday.

He said Gawai Dayak is the time for all Sarawakians to celebrate the culture and ‘adat’ of the natives.

“The Gawai celebration is apolitical, and serves as an enriching time for us all here in Sarawak, as a multicultural and multiracial society.

“Gawai unites all of us as one people of Sarawak. Setting aside politics and the elections, we look forward to going home to our roots in the simple environment where we can rejoice in thanksgiving for our blessings.

“We thank God, the supreme being who has been gracious to us, providing us with enough during the past year.

“I wish all our Dayak friends a safe and blessed Gawai,” said Baru. — DayakDaily