Artist ‘pours’ heart out into flowers on canvas at La Promenade Mall

Jong's pour art demo piece.

By Ling Hui

KOTA SAMARAHAN, Dec 25: As festive Christmas tunes play in the background, Sarawak Artists Society (SAS) vice president and artist Sebastian Jong begins to pour his heart out onto the canvas before him.

From ketchup bottles, he squeezed or poured paint of various colours onto the pre-prepared blue canvas, and with a hair dryer, he blew air at resulting the puddles of paint to create spreading patterns.

Slowly, flowers began to bloom and flourish, as Jong skillfully manoeuvred a tool to push the paint outward from different angles.

At times, Jong took to blowing on the paint using a thick straw as it gave him better control in directing the spread of pain over smaller areas.

Work in progress for Jong’s pour art piece.

DayakDaily was reminded of school-year memories when as a student, they were taught to blow air, also with mouths or straws, on water colour puddles on colouring paper to create art patterns.

After about 25 minutes, Jong decided to stop pouring, leaving five main flower patterns on the canvas. He then used a blowtorch to give the paint a crystal-clear finish, thus marking the end of the dutch pour art demonstration held at La Promenade Mall here today.

Jong said he actually learned acrylic pour art from YouTube four years ago, and from there, he started instilling his own style into the technique. Today, he uses his own recipe for the pour art paint.

Jong’s art demo draws a small crowd at La Promenade Mall here today (Dec 25, 2022).

Today’s art demo by Jong is the first session organised by SAS this festive season. On Dec 31, there will be a calligraphy demo by Kho Kheng Hee at the same spot and on Jan 1, Sheila Kho will be holding an art class with limited seats.

On Jan 6, Angelina Bong will demonstrate how to turn trash into art on Facebook Live. — DayakDaily