Analyst: End of 2022 sees Sarawak, Sabah finally receiving fair treatment

Dato Peter Minos

KUCHING, Dec 31: The end of 2022 saw Sarawak and Sabah finally being treated fairly by Peninsular Malaysia, says political analyst Dato Peter Minos.

He said the Borneo States are happy that the federal government, at long last, is now trying to treat the two regions with fairness, justice, and respect.

“(The) Past is (the) past, and now is time for our nation to play fair and just to Sabah and Sarawak, to the economically struggling small communities and minorities, and to the weak and poor.

“We cannot have a nation where some live in unhappiness, pain, and suffering while some have it too good. Social justice must prevail as this is good for our nation, now and in the long run.

“Let us pray and hope that 2023 will usher in real political stability, fast economic recovery and our nation living in genuine peace and serenity,” he said in a statement today.

Minos further said Malaysians are sick of those few in the society who play politics by applying racial and religious issues.

“We have (had) enough of those racial and religious extremists and bigots. We really want Malaysia to become a nation of moderation and harmony among the many races with many religious faiths.

“We are like being in a big ship, so we must live in peace and harmony at all times. If not, the ship will sink in a storm, and we will all perish,” he added. — DayakDaily