A busy day for chainsaw ‘flexing’ firefighters as they clear fallen trees

The fallen tree branches that damaged the lorry at Jalan Pasai Siong, today (Nov, 29)

By Christopher Lidom

SIBU, Nov 29: A total of four reports on fallen trees blocking traffic and damaging properties were received by the Sarawak Fire and Rescue (Bomba) department today.

Bomba operation center (PGO) in a statement today said two of the cases were reported in Sibu, and one each in Sarikei and Sematan.

The first emergency call was received at 1.26pm in Sibu today from a lorry driver who had a narrow escape when a tree fell on his trailer at KM25 Jalan Pasai Siong.

“The lorry’s cabin roof was partially damaged by the fallen trees and nine firefighters from Sungai Merah fire station used chain saws to cut the branches which were later cleared off the road for safety of other road users,” it said.

While on their way back to the fire station at Jalan Deshon, the firefighters’ EMRS ambulance front mirror was shattered by flying tree branches caused by strong wind and heavy rain.

Firefighters are seen cutting the tree branches that were blocking the road and also traffic flow in Jalan Teku 16B

Three hours later at 4.41pm, the same group of firefighters responded to yet another case of fallen tree at Jalan Teku 16B.

“A tree had fallen across the road causing massive traffic congestion and in no time, firefighters successfully cleared the road by 5.38pm,” the statement said.

Firefighters are seen cutting the branches of the fallen tree which caused damages to a house in Sk Adin Sare, in Sarikei

In nearby Sarikei, a vehicle and a house nearby SK Adin Sare were damaged after being hit by fallen trees.

In the incident, nine firefighters from Sarikei fire station rushed to the scene after receiving an emergency call at 3.46pm today and confirmed that broken trees had damaged a sedan car and the side of a house.

Firefighters then proceeded to clear the broken branches with chainsaw to ensure the site was safe.

Firefighters about to remove the fallen tree’s branches that damaged a house in Kampung Sebat Dayak in Sematan,

Meanwhile four firefighters from Lundu fire station responded to a call at 1.38pm today informing that a fallen tree had damaged a house in Kampung Sebat Dayak in Sematan.

“Firefighters upon arrival immediately sprung into action. The operation ended at 3.35 pm, and after making sure that the situation is safe, firefighters then returned back to the station,” the statement added. – DayakDaily.