77 locals slapped with RM10K compounds for breaching pandemic SOP seek mitigation

Dr Chin Zin Chin (left) and Milton Foo.

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Mar 17: Seventy-seven Sarawakians slapped with an RM10,000 compound for breaching the Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOP) presented their compounds to the Sarawak Health Department, appealing for leniency.

This was disclosed by the Sarawak Health Director Dr Chin Zin Hing who said until now, the department is still waiting for a guideline from the Health Ministry on the formulae to decide on the compounded amount payable by these SOP violators.

“We have 77 people who had received the compounds coming to us to appeal so far,” Dr Chin told DayakDaily.

On the question of how the Sarawak Health Department decides on the penalty amount and whether there are any standard formulae to apply, Dr Chin said,” We are waiting for the guideline on this.”

The issue of RM10,000 for Covid-19 SOP violation has been a hot topic in Sarawak, where politicians from both sides of the political divide had expressed their disappointment over such a drastic such measure.

Many have raised public objections, where some even have gone to the extent of forming a legal aid bureau to render assistance to those compounded.

To seek clarification, Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) youth secretary-general Milton Foo paid a visit to the Kuching Division Health Office (DHO) and met the officer-in-charge to learn more about the RM10,000 compounds issued by the police in Kuching.

“I was told that so far DHO has not received any instructions nor orders from the federal government regarding the actual amount of compound payable.

“The officer also agreed with me that the RM10,000 compound is the maximum amount under the relevant provisions and that not every case issued with the compound notice is required to pay RM10,000 as stated.

“I was further told that the situation will become clearer when there is a clear guideline for its final decision,” said Foo in a statement today.

From the officer-in-charge, Foo gathered that there are more than 30 Kuchingites who have approached the Kuching Health Office over the RM10,000 compound which they had received. – DayakDaily