650 families inundated by flood in Betong area

APMM members helping the affected families in moving items to a higher place.

By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, May 9: Heavy rainfall on Friday evening has caused multiple villages  in the Betong area to be flooded on Saturday.

The affected villages involving 650 households were Kpg Babu Hillir (103 Families), Kpg Babu Hulu (101 families), Kpg Bungey Hilir (133 families), Kpg Bungey Hulu (85 families), Kpg Lalang Hilir (88 families), and Kpg Lalang Hulu (140 families).

Based on the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) report, the heavy downpour and high tide had caused the water level of the river to rise.

The water level had increased approximately by two feet and had covered the houses and the roads in the village.

APMM is now under discussion with the head of villages in moving the affected families to safe spots. —DayakDaily