6 test positive for alcohol during Ops Mabuk

DSP Lim leading the team during the 'Ops Mabuk' at MJC area on Friday night.

By Malcolm Lau

KUCHING, July 4: Six tested positive for alcohol with SD2+ and EB-11 breathalyser devices during an Ops Mabuk roadblock held today.

In an effort to curb drunk driving, Padawan police pledged to hold more Ops Mabuk roadblocks.

“A total of eight ‘Ops Mabuk’ operations have been held this year and a total of 13 offenders arrested for drunk driving. Five of them have been charged in court while others are still waiting for the court appointment,” Padawan District Deputy Police Chief, DSP Lim Jaw Shiong said in the press statement.

Lim said that all the violations were investigated under Sec 45A(1) Road Transport Act 1987.

“All drivers involved in fatal car accident cases will go through an alcohol blood test to check the alcohol contained in their body. Don’t drink and drive,” Lim said.

The Padawan police are taking proactive action in tackling drunk driving by having more roadblock operations, known as ‘Ops Mabuk’, regularly.

“In early 2020, Malaysia was struck by the issue of fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by drunk driving. This also includes one death of a police member who was on duty in March 2020,” Lim said.

“Padawan police are now having more ‘Ops Mabuk’ roadblocks to create awareness among the public on the importance of obeying traffic laws, especially not to drive after consuming alcohol. Action will be taken on offenders as well during the operation,” Lim added.—DayakDaily