4,386 single mothers in Sarawak receive aid

Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah

KUCHING, Sept 25: A total of RM1,315,800 has been distributed to 4,386 single mothers who are recipients of Child Aid (BKK) in Sarawak this year.

Minister of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah said apart from that, another additional 214 non BKK recipients also received their share of RM64,200 assistance.

“The Federal Government has already issued an improved Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Sept 18 through the Single Mother Special Assistance Steering Committee.

“We are very grateful for this improvement and hope that this Special Single Mother Special Assistance (BKIT) will ease the burden for those who receive it, one way or another,” Fatimah disclosed.

The amendments to the SOP which served as a basic guide to the BKIT committee and field officers in processing the aid were data collected from Social Welfare Department (JKM), National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN), Department of Women Development (JPW) and single mothers who do not receive assistance.

Fatimah hoped that those who have not applied for the assistance to do so as soon as possible to prevent them from being left out.

“For single mothers who are not recipients of JKM assistance can submit their application no later than Oct 31 through State Women’s Development office (PPWN), LPPKN, JKM Sarawak office or official portal https://www.jpw.gov.my/

“Applicants who are eligible to apply must be Malaysian citizens and earn below RM 1,020 or per capita of RM 255 in Sarawak and they are either widows; married but the husband is sick; married before but do not have registered marriage certificates; have children; never married but have an illegitimate child or adopted child; abandoned by the husband; declared bankrupt or imprisoned and single mothers affected by Covid-19 pandemic,” Fatimah said.

She added that documents required for the BKIT application have been further simplified, only needing to submit a copy of identity card, bank statement (if any), and personal verification form.

Fatimah revealed that previously, other documents required were a copy of the dependent’s identity card, divorce certificate, and medical report to confirm the sick husband’s illness, which is no longer required. — DayakDaily