25,000 expected to attend mammoth Pentecostal Night gathering on Sept 14-15

Archbishop Simon Poh

KUCHING, Sept 11: Heads of churches and senior clergies have emerged in unison, as they called on Christians from various denominations in Sarawak to participate in the Pentecostal Night on Sept 14-15 at the Jubilee Ground, here.

The Pentecostal Night, with the theme “Roh Kudus dan Penuaian” or “The Holy Spirit and the Harvest”, is the first inter-denominational gathering of such mammoth scale to be held in Sarawak.

It is expected to attract a crowd of about 25,000, including thousands from as far as Sabah, Brunei, Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia.

The speaker at the two-night gathering is Pastor Philip Mantofa from Mawar Sharon Church in Surabaya, Indonesia. Widely known as being blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, the pastor also has the burning passion and commitment to ignite the fire within the younger generation.

In the weeks leading to the Pentecostal Night this weekend, churches of different denominations across the state have given wide publicity to the event in their parish news, church bulletins and online portals. Intercession prayers were also held.

Reiterating the importance of unity that cuts across denominational divide, the chairman of Association of Churches Sarawak, Archbishop Simon Poh, said: “We must work together, for we are one in the unity of Christ and one in the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

That unity that celebrates peace, love and harmony must be imbued in the local Christians as they prepare themselves for the Pentecostal Night, added Poh, who is also Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kuching.

Joining the call for unity of churches in conjunction with the Pentecostal Night was Bishop of Kuching Anglican Diocese, Rev Danald Jute, who was pleased that a large number of Christians from the Anglican church would be coming to the gathering with many joining forces with Christians from other denominations to serve as ushers and prayer warriors.

“The Methodist Church is also sending a large team of volunteers to the Pentecostal Night. Apart from that, hundreds of Methodists from across the state will converge at Jubilee Ground for the two-night event.

“Many will be accompanying their sick relatives and friends to seek divine intervention of the Holy Spirit for healing,” said Rev Dr Tie King Tai, president of the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church.

Rev Dr Tie King Tai

He added that the church would continue to pray for revival among churches and Christians through the power of the Holy Spirit.

He attributed the growth of the church and its success in making inroads to the hundreds of Dayak longhouses to the power and working of the Holy Spirit throughout the past decades.

Rev Dato Dr Justin Wan

Echoing the call for unity of the faithful was Rev Dato Dr Justin Wan, president of Borneo Evangelical Mission.

The Pentecostal Night, he added, would serve as an excellent avenue for bringing together Christians from all denominations and ethnic groups in celebrating the gifts of the Holy Spirit and glorifying God.

Justin called on all churches to join in prayer for religious freedom, peace and harmony to prevail in the state and nation and for the Holy Spirit to pour down on the Pentecostal Night and set open the way for revival.

He was grateful to the state government for its continued support and assurance to churches to enjoy religious freedom and thrive in an environment of peace, tolerance and harmony.

Rev Steward Damat

As for Rev Steward Damat, president of the Sarawak Iban Annual Conference of the Methodist Church, the Pentecostal Night would provide a great awakening experience for Christians, especially for the Dayaks from the rural areas.

He said: “The experience of the Holy Spirit would enable them to have an in-depth experience of God and it impact on discipleship.”

Damat added that he looked forward to the revival and transformation of churches in the aftermath of the Pentecostal Night, saying “let their hearts be filled with the Spirit, and their lives transformed into the likeness of Jesus.”

Clergies and representatives from Baptist Church, Presbyterian Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Lutheran Church, Bethany Church, Latter Rain Church and a host of other independent churches have also given their support for the Pentecostal Night.

Many of their members would also serve as volunteers and prayer warriors. — DayakDaily