160 former PSB members quit party to join PBB

Dali (left) presenting PBB membership forms to Meyu.

By William Isau

SIBU, Aug 8: About 160 Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) members have quit the party to join Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).

The group was led by Tuai Rumah Dali Merawing.

According to Dali who was a member of PSB Selangau, they had previously chosen the wrong party.

“I am grateful to PBB Tamin chief Meyu Beruang for bringing us to join the party. Previously we have made the wrong decision in joining PSB which cannot help us to develop the community and area.

“Therefore, I call on all our members who are still with PSB to join PBB because PBB is the parent political party that can help us in developing the people and Selangau area in general,” he said when speaking at the PBB Empowerment Program for N.59 Tamin at his longhouse in Selangau on Saturday (Aug 6).

Dali expressed hope that their struggle this time will be accepted by the State PBB leadership.

According to him, the opposition party could not help the people.

“Until now there is not a single effort that they can help us in the area. Once I asked all community leaders who used to be in the PSB party to join PBB together because we believe that it can defend our destiny,” he added.

Meanwhile, Meyu was moved by Dali for being able to accept PBB as well as bringing over many former PSB members to join PBB.

“We are proud of Dali’s actions that brought many PSB members where every corner of the Selangau area is now represented by Tuai-Tuai Rumah who used to be in PSB and today are fighting for PBB,” he added.

Meyu also hoped that the involvement of party members aged 18-28 can be accepted in the Selangau area.

He said, this needs to be done by PBB Tamin’s Youth and Women’s wings to strengthen PBB party membership.

On another matter, Meyu disclosed that PBB Tamin will be operating soon with its office to be located in Sibu town.

At the function, the 160 former PSB members received their PBB membership cards. — DayakDaily