Solar-hydrogen system provides Long Loyang health clinic with 24-hour electricity

Julaihi cutting the ribbon as a symbolic gesture for the launching of the H2E1 system at the Long Loyang health clinic.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Aug 8: The Long Loyang health clinic now has access to 24-hour electricity with the installation of a stand-alone renewable energy system and hydrogen (H2E1) technology.

The installation of the solar-hydrogen system commenced in July 2020 and was completed in April this year.

This has enabled the clinic, located about 183km from Miri City, to serve not only the 1,200-population in Long Loyang itself but also 15 other surrounding remote settlements.

“The clinic is the first in Malaysia to be installed with the solar-hydrogen system,” said Minister of Utilities and Telecommunications Sarawak Datuk Julaihi Narawi today after the official launching ceremony of the system at Long Loyang.

He added that the setting up of the H2E1 system by H2 Energy Sdn Bhd resolves the clinic’s difficulties as it had been relying on diesel generators, which limited the clinic’s capabilities in providing basic and essential healthcare services to the local community.

Julaihi said that the installation of the system (H2E1) reflects the Sarawak government’s long-term commitment to providing power supply to remote areas.

“The effort to identify more remote areas so that we can install this system is ongoing,” he told a group of media representatives during a press conference.

On another note, Julaihi approved RM15,000 for the construction of Long Loyang’s jetty and allocated RM10,000 to SK Long Loyang’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Also present were Deputy Minister of Transport Sarawak Datuk Dr Jerip Susil, Deputy Minister of Telecommunication Sarawak Datuk Liwan Lagang, Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau, and H2 Energy Sdn Bhd Group chairman Tan Sri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin. — DayakDaily