1 Div rounds up 12 illegal immigrants, deports them back to Indonesia

The five individuals that were deported after trying to enter the state through Tebedu sector last night (Dec 13, 2020).

KUCHING, Dec 14: A total of 12 Indonesians were deported back to their home country over a span of 24 hours by the First Division Infantry Malaysia (1 Div), after they were caught trying to enter the state illegally, along the Sarawak-Kalimantan border, yesterday.

1 Div in a statement today, revealed the deportation involved immigrants picked up during four separate incidents yesterday by patrol teams operating along the Sarawak-Kalimantan border.

According to the statement, the first case occurred at 1.25pm involving three individuals: one adult male, one adult female and a girl, from Saparan, Indonesia, who were trying to gain entry into the state using “jalan tikus” in the nearby Kandaie sector, in Lundu.

“In the same sector, around 2.30pm, two other Indonesian men, from Karangan, were spotted by the patrol team and were arrested while walking at one of the nearby palm oil plantations. Following an investigation, it was found that they intended to enter the state to look for jobs,” the statement read.

The third case, which also occurred in the Kendaie sector, involved two Indonesian men who were arrested at 3.05pm, while on foot at a nearby palm oil plantation.

“Based on investigations, both men said they were heading towards Kampung Selampit in search of jobs,” the statement added.

As for the fourth case, a total of five individuals comprising three men and two women crossing the border on foot who were arrested in the Tebedu sector at 11pm, on the same day.

“They were found to have no valid travel documentation and were using the “lorong tikus” to enter into the state with the intention to work in Sibu,” the statement added. — DayakDaily