Why no assistance for haze in Sarawak, Foo asks Putrajaya

SUPP Youth secretary-general Milton Foo.

KUCHING, Sept 21: The cost of cloud seeding operations are fully absorbed by the Sarawak government, without a single penny expended by Putrajaya, claimed SUPP Youth secretary-general Milton Foo.

He lamented why the Pakatan Harapan-led federal government was not doing its part to help in the fight against the worsening haze condition in the state.

“Where is Sarawak Pakatan, especially Sarawak DAP and PKR? What have they done so far in helping us Sarawakians?” he said in a statement.

Foo felt that the federal government was never serious nor care about the haze situation in Sarawak.

“All they care and concern about is our natural resources and our wealth, as well as to how to topple the Sarawak government, change a new government in Sarawak, as evidenced in the recent talks by the Malayan leaders in Kuching during the Sept 16 celebrations,” he opined.

Foo also felt that the haze situation in Peninsular Malaysia such as the Klang Valley was nothing if compared to Sarawak, citing the three areas of Cheras, Petaling Jaya and Putrajaya with air pollutant index readings way below, when compared to Sri Aman, which was hit with hazardous air level of over 400.

“Why no assistance of any kinds to Sarawak when the haze worsened since last week? Even the masks given to students and schools in Sarawak is not the N95 type, but normal face mask, which can’t help our children at all to prevent from respiratory or eyes infections or diseases,” he said. — DayakDaily