Wee:  Please don’t shoot the messenger

Wee (sixth left) presenting a memento to Abang Johari (sixth right) as appreciation to attend the association’s 41st Anniversary celebration.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Feb 17: Sarawak Federation of Chinese Associations president Dato Richard Wee has urged political leaders to be more open-minded and listen to the people’s voice instead of shooting the messenger.

He said it has been the duty of elected heads of NGOs as well as community leaders to speak for the community they represent.

“Our Federation of Chinese Associations has always maintained the stand that we shall always be concerned about politics and its development but we will always stay above political parties.

“We will always support good people-centric policies and policies that will benefit Sarawak.

“We will not, however, hesitate to express our views on inconsistent and unsound policies that is detrimental to our society,” said Wee who is also Federation of Chinese Associations of Kuching, Samarahan and Serian president at the guild’s 41st anniversary celebration held here on Sunday evening.

He said recently, there were leaders of certain political parties who criticised the Chinese community leaders for supporting the policies of the Sarawak government.

“They even questioned whether they have the mandate from their members for doing so. I would like to emphasize that all our community leaders have been duly elected to their posts.”

Wee believed that the community leaders and NGO leaders were only voicing out for the people, and if what they voiced out against the people’s will, they will face the fate of being voting out during the next NGOs’ election.

“I am confident that they (the community leaders and NGO leaders) would have the wisdom and intelligence to evaluate and assess the feeling and the thinking of their members before expressing their views.

“After all, if they choose to go against the wish of their members, they would have to face the members and the consequence in their respective associations. It is the simple democratic process that has been practiced everywhere.

“I hope that all political parties from all divide should be more open-minded and would be willing to listen to the voices of the rakyat so that they would be able to improve on their shortcomings instead of shooting the messenger.

“As it is our basic duty as Sarawakians to defend the rights of Sarawak, I sincerely urge all Sarawakians should unite together to fight for the interest of Sarawak,” said Wee.

At the same time, Wee hoped that the state government will be able to implement more beneficial policies for all Sarawakians following the recent breakthrough of state-owned petroleum company Petroleum Sarawak Bhd (Petros) which took over the entire supply of gas in Sarawak.

Besides, he also thanked Abang Johari for setting up a special unit to look into the funding of vernacular schools in Sarawak. — DayakDaily