Uggah: Instead of focusing on exploiting racial sentiments, past Dayak leaders looked forward to uphold unity, harmony

Uggah speaking during the launching ceremony of Dayak Cultural Foundation (DCF) and Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) buildings streamed live via Sarawak Public Communication Unit's (Ukas) Facebook page.

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KUCHING, Aug 19: Past Dayak political leaders made the right choice to uphold their principles in politics of development that focuses on moderation, consensus, and promotion of racial unity and harmony.

In pointing this out, Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said in the early 1990s, Dayak political leaders were faced with challenges where they could also choose to resort to confrontation, quarrel and exploitation of racial sentiments.

According to Uggah, who is also Dayak Cultural Foundation (DCF) chairman, by not doing so, the past leaders acknowledged the importance of upholding racial and religious unity.

“It is the basic condition set for the future development, progress and prosperity of Sarawak and its multi racial and religious population.

“They believed that the unity and collaboration of all races is needed, especially among the Bumiputera community where we can all work together to endure and achieve Sarawak’s objective to be a developed, united and prosperous State,” he said during the launching ceremony of Dayak Cultural Foundation (DCF) and Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) buildings here today.

He added that the previous Dayak leaders in the State government have shouldered a very heavy responsibility, upholding the politics of development.

He also said that it was a serious challenge for the leaders, as Sarawak politics had not stabilised and was still turbulent in those days.

“But these leaders took a courageous stand and faced the challenges decisively and bravely.

“They were convinced that it was the right path to take and that the Dayaks must work hand in hand and face the challenges together with other Bumiputeras.

“They never looked back. They focused on planning, implementing socio-economic projects and programmes to help uplift the lives of all Sarawakians,” he said. — DayakDaily