TVS hosts second ‘Pitch-It’ gig to seek creative ideas for new content

A promotional poster of second Pitch-It session which has already started on Dec 12.

KUCHING, Dec 16: TVS is seeking new creative ideas via the second Pitch-It session to diversify its variety and entertainment programmes for their growing audience.

The Sarawak-owned TV station is inviting all creative industry players to pitch their ideas at the second Pitch-It session that has kicked off on Dec 12.

This session, according to a media release today, will focus on light, hearty and entertaining content such as sitcoms, cooking shows, dramas, telemovie, short films, game shows and reality shows.

Its chief executive officer (CEO) Suhaimi Sulaiman emphasised that TVS is devoted and committed to working together with local content creators to turn their fresh and inspiring content into reality television shows.

“The first Pitch-It session last August, before the launch of TVS in October, had been very successful.

“As such, we want TVS to be fully utilised by the local creative industry players in Sarawak,” he said.

Before the advent of TVS, Suhaimi added that there were limited platforms for Sarawakians to showcase their talents.

“With the existence of TVS, not only have the creative industry benefitted from it, but other industries have been blooming tremendously as well,” he pointed out.

TVS will be conducting a virtual briefing to help interested participants understand more of its requirements for proposal on Dec 19 at 10.30am to 1pm.

Participants can register their interest at

Participation is open to individuals and companies. For the individual category, participants must be Malaysian based in Sarawak and 18 years old and above. For the companies category, it must be incorporated in Malaysia and based in Sarawak with 50 percent ownership by local Sarawakian.

The deadline for submission is Jan 28, 2021.

For more information, interested participants are encouraged to register at

A promotional poster of second Pitch-It session which has already started on Dec 12.