Tupong rep lobbying for several projects for Matang Jaya

By Peter Sibon

KUCHING, July 4: Matang Jaya is a modern township bustling with business activities as it is strategically located a mere 6km from the city centre.

Currently, there are two secondary and three primary schools in the housing estate.

Additionally, there are countless rows of commercial lots, including three commercial bank branches. Large supermarkets, such as E-Mart and Matang Mall, and smaller ones like Everrise are operating there, too. On top of that, there are several petrol stations in its vicinity.

Places of worship have also been built there for the convenience of the locals.

However, there are a few basic facilities that are still lacking, namely a wet market, a hawker centre and a community hall.

For that reason, Tupong assemblyman Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman has taken the initiative to request Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) to use a piece of vacant government land at the centre of Matang Jaya to construct a wet market, hawker centre, playground-cum-park and a community hall.

Hawkers plying their trade in car parks in Matang Jaya.

“I am hopeful that MPP can look into my request to develop that piece of land to become a hawker centre to accommodate the ‘pasar tamu’ hawkers nearby. Besides a hawker centre, I also requested a park and jogging track to be incorporated in that land as well,” Fazruddin told DayakDaily today.

He reiterated that it was important to transform Matang Jaya into a cleaner and more structured place for the hawkers, who are now using car parks to ply their trade.

“I will work closely with MPP on this matter. It might take a while, but MPP has been very cooperative,” said Fazruddin.

When contacted, MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang said the vacant piece of land is sizable enough for the purpose, and MPP was now considering proposing a hawker centre there.

“The population in Matang Jaya and surrounding housing estates have mushroomed over the years and a sizeable hawker centre is justifiable today.

“The idea came following Fazzrudin’s request to MPP to put up a hawker centre. I wish to thank Fazzrudin for his people-centric request. MPP will work closely with Fazzrudin to realise this very meaningful project and to ensure that what is proposed meets the aspirations of the people,” he assured.

Sunset in Matang Jaya as seen from the open space yesterday (July 4, 2019).

However, Lo stressed that the plan was still at the preliminary stage.

“We need to firm up a preliminary proposal, apply for funding and then appoint consultants before we can implement the project. We hope to realise this project within three years,” said Lo.

Meanwhile, some youths from the area hoped there would be a park for them to exercise in.

Charles and his relatives flying drones in the open space at the heart of Matang Jaya yesterday (July 4, 2019).

DayakDaily approached one of them, named Charles Joenic, who is also a drone enthusiast. He hoped there is an open space in Matang Jaya where he could fly drones.

“Currently, this is the only space suitable for drones as it is an open space. I hope it can be improved as the grass is sometimes uncut and left unattended,” he lamented. — DayakDaily