Time slot allocation for Covid-19 vaccine to be implemented in Pakan tomorrow to avoid long queues

A long queue forming at Pakan Health Clinic this morning as Pakan residents line up to receive their Covid-19 vaccination. Photo courtesy of Larry Sng

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, June 2: Pakan residents will be allocated different time slots to avoid long queues, such as what happened this morning at Pakan Health Clinic.

The Covid-19 vaccination programme has finally reached Pakan town and today’s long queue was due to the fact that those who had been informed about the vaccination were not given any allocated time slot.

“This is the first time the vaccination is done in Pakan. All those who have received the notification to be vaccinated were not informed of the time. They were just been notified that they were to be vaccinated today,” Julau MP Larry Sng told DayakDaily when contacted.

After being informed of the long queue, Sng communicated with the medical officers of the Health Ministry who promised that those to be vaccinated will be given different time slots to avoid have to wait in long queues under the sun.

For tomorrow onwards, Sng said the vaccination time will be between 8am to 11.30am where for every half an hour, about 40 people will be slotted.

“Today, the response for vaccination was good but I would have preferred that those to be vaccinated would be spaced out evenly to ensure a smooth vaccination process,” said Sng.

He said as many as 12,000 doses have been given to Pakan residents and he foresaw that the vaccination will continue for the next few days.

Sng expressed relief that the vaccination has started in Pakan and hopes that the same thing will happen soon in Julau which has yet to have any details regarding the vaccination in the riverine town. — DayakDaily