This can’t be a road — DAP Katibas leader 

A four-wheel vehicle got stuck on the muddy trunk road between Song and Kapit.

SONG, Jan 18: Children from Rumah Delok in Nanga Engkabau, Katibas, often arrived at their school late.

Sometimes, they don’t even bother to go to school at all.

No, they are not naughty children playing truant.

The main cause of this problem is this — the appalling condition of the main trunk road linking Song and Kapit.

Democratic Action Party (DAP) Katibas coordinator Paren Nyawi said the road is a nightmare for daily road users.

Paren said Rumah Delok residents had complained to him that the road was not only muddy but treacherous, too.

“Like the children, the villagers also find it difficult to use the road for their daily endeavours. They are very worried and would not know what to do should emergencies arise,” he said in a statement today.

Paren said he would try to bring this matter to the attention of the relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Rural Development, who are entrusted to handle rural road projects.— DayakDaily