There’s money in bundle business, Awang Tengah tells entrepreneurs

Awang Tengah and Adzlin (right) looking at some bundled items.

MIRI, April 13: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan encourages entrepreneurs to delve into “bundle business” as it has been steadily picking up in the state.

He said this was due to the fact that the business had its own attractions and enthusiasts who were increasingly gaining attention, especially for those with low incomes.

“Over the last few years, the existence of bundle business in the state is a new phenomenon for people, regardless of race, to buy high-quality second-hand goods.

“There is no denying that the phenomenon of bundle attire is currently trending among bundles of diversity or diver,” he said when launching the Jalan-Jalan Korea (JJK) at Riam here yesterday.

Also present were Yayasan Melayu Melayu Sarawak (AKYBMS) general manager Datuk Dr Sanib Said and Miri JJK entrepreneur Adzlin Datu Ugis.

Awang Tengah, who is also the chairman of AKYBMS Board of Trustees, said that used clothing store in the bundle business had been increasingly popular with local communities. Its existence was like a mushroom growing after the rain around the state.

“This situation is said to be closely related to the high cost of living, causing many buyers to see the bundle as an alternative to saving fashionable, cheap but stylish clothing,” he said.

Obviously, he added, some societies now make bundle items a must-buy item because they were cheap, fresh and well-suited.

“For that reason, this bundle item has its own value,” Awang Tengah said.

He also said the bundle business was seen growing in tandem with the increasing use of today’s technology.

“If there were no electronic mediums like now, our bundle will be chatting through word of mouth through friends.

“But now it’s no longer that because there are mediums in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, websites and printed press. So we can know the latest types or developments of bundle items,” he said.

Awang Tengah also expressed strong support for the opening of the bundle store in Miri as it also benefits bundle fans to buy branded and high-quality cheaper items.

Meanwhile, Adzlin thanked Awang Tengah for taking the opportunity to officially open the JJK.

“With your presence, I have been encouraged and inspired to continue to explore and develop the bundle phenomenon in the state,” he said. — DayakDaily